I'm a self-taught musician passionate about

As a music composer I have developed a passion for creating.

I got involved in the tech industry having the opportunity to be part of programming teams for over 5 years in 4 different markets around the world.

March 2016, current
Full-stack Developer · Konfio.mx · México City

I began as a PHP Full Stack Developer in the back-office ecosystem at Konfio.mx, the biggest fin-tech in Mexico. I developed, implemented, and maintained a robust codebase that helped the company get to Series A investment.

I was later promoted to the product team where I developed for performance and modularity. I worked on improving the whole experience to be mobile-first and to rank 96 out of 100 in Google's speed and performance tests, taking the company's website to be 1st in the loans and credits search results and no. 1 in the SMB loans industry in Mexico.

July 2015, December 2015
Content Designer & Developer · Codio.com · UK

I designed and developed 3 computer programming courses for the Codio.com cloud based IDE, including: Introduction to GIT, introduction to the Linux CLI and Bash, introduction to MySQL.

I achieved to communicate complex knowledge in an easy way, as the users were mainly elementary level students, resulting in new investment opportunities for the company.

January 2014, June 2015
Teacher and Program Developer · Laboratoria.la · Peru

I was part of the founding team of the educational program Laboratoria in Peru. I worked to empower vulnerable women with high potential to become proactive developers.

During the early stages of the program, I taught full-stack web-development to 3 promotions empowering around 70 women. I built the course structure and methodologies now used in 2 Peru cities, Santiago de Chile, and Mexico City, achieving to empower a total of 400 students from which 75% get a development job and have a 3.0x increase in their income.

August 2013, December 2013
Jr. RoR Developer · Shopify.com · Canada

I was an intern in the Shopify headquarters in Ottawa, Canada, as part of the top students selected in the Jr. Ruby on Rails developers program hosted by Hacker You, a popular development bootcamp.

I won the 1st place of the program having designed and developed the frontend for the project: SAM (Simple Appointment Management). The project was later chosen by a group of investors in Peru to become the first patient to doctor web application in the country.

EBM ^3.1.0

The Easy Box Model is a npm package that allows very rapid and modular prototyping setting the foundations for what can become a bigger product.

It is modular by itself as it can fit in any web framework by assigning a source and destination path.

It also introduces a modular Sass and modular JS file structure that meets the MVC model directory organization of most web applications.

EBM Sections for Laravel

A PHP composer package for bootstraping web applications onboarding flows

I developed this package in order to accelerate the development of web forms. Laravel already provides an easy way to validate requests, but this package allows to integrate Blade templating language with pre-built form inputs and an easy way to configure each field to be saved on a specific model.

Customized Private Shopping Carts

I wanted to learn about image classification so I built this project divided into a Front & an Admin interface.

The Admin interface allows the admin user to upload product images that are later classified by clothing taxonomies and are later presented to the end-user allowing him to shuffle outfits and checkout easily through a private shopping cart.

Estafeta API

A composer package built to calculate shipping in the Mexican territory.


Languages: PHP ^7.0 & JavaScript ES2015 server-side (NodeJS)

Frameworks: Laravel ^5.0, Zend Framework 2

Databases: MySQL, Neo4j and MongoDB

Database ORMs: Illuminate Eloquent, Zend DB Adapter, PHP PDO and PHP Graphaware Cypher


Languages: JavaScript ES2015, Sass, HTML5, CSS

Libraries/Tools: I prefer VanillaJS over React, VueJS or jQuery but I know them well.

Automation: In order of preference: GulpJS, Webpack and Grunt.


Version control: GIT, GitLab, GitHub

TDD: PHPUnit and Codeception

Deployment and automation: Jenkins

Hosting: I have deployed and set ecosystems in AWS and DigitalOcean using Docker

Performance: I have deployed and maintained serverless AWS Lambda functions written in NodeJS

Command line: I have created several Linux/Bash scripts and some cronjobs for running MySQL call procedures or for automating framework installations